Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine which has been used to treat all aspects of dis-ease, in many parts of the world for over 200 years:

Emotionally based conditions such as grief, anxiety and unresolved anger.

Physical short and long-term conditions.

Deep rooted and/or inherited conditions.

Finding ways to improve life when conditions are 'un-treatable'.

Quick relief of symptoms, when possible, alongside deeper work to get to the root cause of any physical challenges (eg allergies) 

Homeopathy can support:

-fundamental shifts in life such as pregnancy, birth, puberty, menopause and old age. I work with babies, children, men and women of all ages.

-lifelong conditions.

Homeopathy can often work well alongside other treatment systems.



Consultations take place in Forest Row or East Hoathly, both in East Sussex. 

Consultations are one hour long and are repeated as required rather than to any strict pattern. I listen to everything that the patient has to tell me, using questions where needed, to help me understand the depth and true nature of the issue that needs addressing as well as the wider picture of the patient as a holistic individual. Sometimes homeopathic questions can seem odd and disconnected but these help me find exactly the right remedy for the patient. There is no judgement and no right or wrong answers.

I am happy to give as much detail about your remedies and treatment as you wish and like to balance excellent support for patients with educating them in the use of remedies for themselves and their families.

Illustrations by Anna Steinberg:


What patients say

" I want to thank you for your fantastic support, unlike any other I have had in the past and for helping me to change my life using the remedies."

" Headaches gone, aching and lethargy gone ... this is magic ... I am so grateful to you for your compassion, insight and wisdom Kate."

"It was really great for me to see you - you hold a lovely safe and compassionate space"

"I am so happy, It's like you've put my whole life back together"

"[son] walked through a field of long grass today and his symptoms were noticeably improved! Normally that is a huge trigger of the hay fever ... thank you"

"I do feel better. I have more enthusiasm for things and am more pro-active. I'm not as down either, so thank you so much for all your help"

"Thank you so much for the remedy. I felt so much better in the morning and still do! You're wondrous!"


I am happy to provide information about your remedies and will tell you when a remedy has a first aid component that the whole family can use. 


I am able to work with the realities of modern life which sometimes means using homeopathy alongside modern medicine, or a less than perfectly healthy lifestyle. We do our best!


To find the perfect remedy for you, I cross reference the information that you give me in the appointments. I use clinical information which dates from 200 years ago to current times to confirm your prescription. 


Remedies are made from natural materials that are diluted many times, this provides medicine in a form the body understands for healing that is effective, gentle and without nasty side effects. Usually remedies are provided as small pillules which are dissolved under the tongue. I can also provide remedies in liquid form when necessary.


Sometimes it is more convenient to shake a pillule, or drop of remedy, into water to be sipped throughout the day. This is useful for those needing remedies when away from home.


Treatment might consist of one remedy, or a combination of a main remedy supported by others depending on the complexity of the condition.


About me

I re-trained after having my children and became a qualified Homeopath after a life changing 4 year course at The South East College of Homeopathy. During that time I regularly visited my homeopath who worked with me to end my 20 years of IBS, insomnia and migraines. Homeopathy has been a wonderfully life enhancing experience for my family and myself.  


More lovely comments ...

  "Remarkably Dad has started using his hand again . He's over the moon ... thank you, thank you, thank you ... "

 "Thank you so much for sorting the remedies so quickly"

"I had been struggling with anxiety for over 5 months and it was becoming unmanageable. During our first appointment I found kate to be empathetic, understanding and very patient. Kate also took the time to explain things to me, as this was my first time at trying homeopathy. The remedies were prepared for me to collect quickly, so I was able to start treating my symptoms promptly. I was surprised that the remedies worked as quickly as they did, but within the first week I was already experiencing a marked reduction in my symptoms."

"I am feeling great since taking the remedies, feeling younger ... much better over all and more energised, thank you." 



Prices reviewed 1st August annually.

Consultations £50 

Phone calls, texts and e-mails are charged for fairly, at my discretion depending on time taken and work done. 

Remedies: £3 per bottle of remedies. Special order remedies £10.10 for first bottle.

Remedies are prepared after the consultation and are posted, delivered or collected depending on which is most convenient. P&P is £1.60  (at cost for overseas)

I send out invoices at the end of each month.  

Kate Leppard Homeopath


For more information or to make an appointment....

Forest Row, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom 07817 465 377


Appointments available seven days a week

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